Auf diesen Seiten habe ich in loser Folge einige Texte abgelegt, die in den letzten 20 Jahren entstanden sind. Das ist eine lange Zeitspanne, die verschiedene Phasen und Gemütszustände umfasst.

Es geht um Menschen, die mir begegnet sind, um Orte der Erinnerung, um Liebe, Abschied, Selbsterkenntnis.

Die Texte sind überwiegend in meiner englischen Muttersprache. In letzter Zeit habe ich es vermehrt mit der deutschen Sprache versucht. Sperriger zum dichten zwar, aber zunehmend reizvoll.

No prisoner feels his bondage,
if he refuses to move
You say you can do as you please
but you haven't got the strength to choose
You're like a dandy-lion, blowing in the wind
Getting caught in a thorn-bush
and sometimes in the arms of a friend

You consider yourself the queen of the night
But your reign only lasts till the morning light
You do anything to make time go by
You cannot walk but you try to fly
You enjoy your so-called liberty
But you are trapped in destiny
You're stuck in tranquility and make-belief

Queen of the night, looking for a thrill
Chasing fleeting moments with no time left to kill
Queen of the night, why can't you settle down ?
Is it so desirable to be the most loved girl in town ?

You spend hours in smoky bars with illiterate fools
You believe to be special, you like to play it cool
With embracements and a kiss on their cheek
you play them by ear
Caresses’ are easy, you tell them what they must hear

You consider yourself the queen of the night
But your reign only lasts till the morning light
After merry-making an emptiness remains
despite of dirty jokes and social games
The louder the party goes
All the more a deathly silence grows
Ranks of weeds envelope the rose you are

There's a vital lesson you still have to learn:
We're not deprived of time, it's a present we don't earn
Think of all the others, fighting to survive
Be glad of your good fortune, be glad that you're alive

And then you'll be the queen of the day
You'll have passed this time of disarray
We'll welcome you back down here on earth
We will see what you are worth
The one-eyed man is king of the blind
This counts for queens as well you'll find
Leave the song and dance behind and be yourself