Auf diesen Seiten habe ich in loser Folge einige Texte abgelegt, die in den letzten 20 Jahren entstanden sind. Das ist eine lange Zeitspanne, die verschiedene Phasen und Gemütszustände umfasst.

Es geht um Menschen, die mir begegnet sind, um Orte der Erinnerung, um Liebe, Abschied, Selbsterkenntnis.

Die Texte sind überwiegend in meiner englischen Muttersprache. In letzter Zeit habe ich es vermehrt mit der deutschen Sprache versucht. Sperriger zum dichten zwar, aber zunehmend reizvoll.

Standing here behind the walls
I can hear bygone calls
speak to me
Voices of the past linger round the grounds
You can sense the muffled sounds
Just look and see

Stories of love and hate and tragedy
Winding family history
What a maze of stories to be heard
Tales from forgotten times,
Encounters between the lines occurred

Spell bound – what happened here long ago?
Tell round - all what I want to know
Spell bound – what happened here long ago?
Tell round - all what I want to…

Hidden garden, secret zoo
Trying to speak to you
Can you hear
What they’re trying to say in their own words
Thought provoking though it hurts
Nothing to fear

Looking at yesterday, time for play,
What you find is here to stay
Become aware of habits which ran rife
Watching others interact
Being shown a basic fact of life

Getting straight in a round pen
Finding myself again
Hello my friend
Are you prepared to be the mirror of my soul?
Tell me what I want to know
Can you amend

Are you the one who breaks the ice
When things go wrong in paradise?
As everybody scatters into space
Can you get our souls unlatched?
Start talking with no strings attached, with grace?