Auf diesen Seiten habe ich in loser Folge einige Texte abgelegt, die in den letzten 20 Jahren entstanden sind. Das ist eine lange Zeitspanne, die verschiedene Phasen und Gemütszustände umfasst.

Es geht um Menschen, die mir begegnet sind, um Orte der Erinnerung, um Liebe, Abschied, Selbsterkenntnis.

Die Texte sind überwiegend in meiner englischen Muttersprache. In letzter Zeit habe ich es vermehrt mit der deutschen Sprache versucht. Sperriger zum dichten zwar, aber zunehmend reizvoll.

From time to time I let my mind wander back to teenage days
chasing ghosts, living dreams, forever changing ways
not cherishing the luxury of having time to spare
movement was the principal, life a pleasure fair 

but now those days have gone forever
now I live on borrowed time
questions of now or never
always linger - on my mind 

life is a river
constantly flowing to the sea
life is a river
carrying me towards - my destiny

spending nights in dimmed lights, with beer and cigarettes
talking to bygone friends about wishes and regrets
we had solved the planets problems by the time the morning came
just another cup of coffee and we were ready for the day 

but now those days are gone forever
i have to take care of that body of mine
questions of now or never
the toll to pay - for time 

we listened to our stereos, dancing in the afternoon
singing with Rory Gallagher in a darkened room
and then I'd make a detour
home across the fields
breathing in the summer air, kicking my heels 

but now those days are gone forever
now I just don't take the time
I'm adapted to society's tether
but with questions - on my mind